Thursday, April 29, 2021

Z for Zoo

 There are not many Harry Potter terms with Z. I had to google for the Potter Index. ( I have begun to observe that to google is a universally accepted  verb nowadays).

In the very first few pages of Book 1 we see him going to the zoo and realizing that a snake could understand him. In other words he speaks "Parseltongue". There is this scene with the sand boa that escapes after talking to him.

My son is a big animal aficionado and hence we have done innumerable trips to the zoo so much so that I declare sometimes " if I am left blindfolded at the entrance I will know how to get out"

I somehow do not like the idea of animals being deprived of their freedom and being confined to cages. If the enclosures are big enough and they have enough space to move about its better. 

One thing I learnt from my son during one of our expeditions is that tigers do not hunt zebras . The latter belongs to Africa and there are no tigers there. But if tigers were released in a place with zebras would they consider them as food or friends I wonder !  Not in a wicked sense but wondering how animal brains are wired ! 

One of the animals here at the Singapore zoo which was a revelation to me when I encountered it for the first time is the "Tapir". 

Image source: Wikipedia 

It is a black and white creature that looks like a pig with an elephant's  trunk. Baby tapirs apparently look like a watermelon with similar stripes.  A zoo visit can fill us with awe at the wonderful designs and patterns of natural flora and fauna! Have you seen a Tapir before ? 

This reminds me of a joke we used to laugh about as kids. In Tamil the word "eli" means rat. " what happens if a rat wore pants- it becomes an Eli-phant " ha ha

If one visits the zoo here, a message that is conveyed as much as possible is to "Follow the 3 Rs , Reduce Reuse and Recycle" . In this post I would like to emphasise the same. We have a responsibility towards our planet and let's try to follow these 3 R s as much as possible.
Image credit: Noah Buscher on

This is the concluding post of the A to Z challenge and for the first time I have been able to stick to the schedule and diligently publish a post every single day.  
Thanks to all the bloggers who visited ,commented or simply accompanied me on this month long journey  .
I have enjoyed this exercise and kudos to every other participant. 

I somehow feel like Reese Witherspoon s character in the last scene of Legally Blonde movie where she screams " We Did It!"

Gif images are like the ones in Harry Potter, aren't they ? They move. We muggles are not entirely different:) 

"May you all have a great May "


  1. Thanks for your visit and comment. I don't mind visiting the zoo once in a while to see all the amazing animals.

  2. I love to visit the zoo and don't do it often enough. We have one close. It does make me sad when I think about the animals being locked up in a cage but if they were set free now they wouldn't make it in the wild. I have never seen a Tapir. It has the colors of a Zebra. That is a funny joke about the eli-phant. I hope you plan to do the reflections and the road trip for the A-Z and maybe we can continue to visit each others blogs throughout the year until next year.

  3. Congratulations on completing the challenge. :)
    The Tapir looks like a cross-bred animal. There are so many living beings we don't know about and many of them which have gone extent because of humans.
    Enjoyed your posts this month, Jayashree. They were interesting and delightful to read.

  4. I'm trying to visualise an Eli-phant! Brilliant!

    I've really enjoyed my visits here. As I think I mentioned before, I've never read or seen any Harry Potter, but you've managed to spark my interest.

  5. Ending with a post from my favorite movie -- yes, we did it! And congratulations to you on getting all the way through. It was a pleasure reading the posts on your blog and your comments on mine. Happy writing and hope you'll be back next year!

  6. Congrats on the finish. I’m working on visiting more now. LoveHP

  7. I'm a big fan of the 3 R's! It does feel like such an accomplishment to have finished the challenge. I really enjoyed your Harry Potter related posts. Weekends In Maine

  8. Tapir - no I've never seen one only photos.
    Take care.

  9. "We Did It!" is one of many great legally Blonde quotes :-)
    Congratulations on completing A - Z, it was fun to join you on your journey.
    I'm pretty sure a hungry tiger would not say no to a juicy zebra, but let's not find out ;-)

    Happy Weekend!

  10. Congratulations on completing the challenge - well done! I've only seen tapirs in zoos, but they're amazing looking aren't they? I whole-heartedly agree we need to shift our attitudes and behaviors, and diligently adopting the 3Rs is a good start.

  11. I've never seen a real live tapir before, only in pictures. I went to the zoo with a granddaughter two weeks ago, and our favorite part was watching the Squirrel Monkeys play. Actually, my favorite part was watching my granddaughter's excitement regarding the animals, but the Squirrel Monkeys were a bright highlight of the day.

  12. Well done with Z, and not easy to find in HP world. I have never seen a tapir either. Congratulations on completing the challenge!

  13. The tapir -- one of the schools I lived at had a zoo! And the zoo had a tapir! Theirs was all black. However did they get a tapir? Why? So many questions...

    Congrats on finishing! Woohoo!

  14. I must admit, I haven't been able to read all your posts. But whatever I managed to read, I enjoyed thoroughly, though I am not familiar with Harry Potter. You have been very successful on that front, to get even readers like me come to your posts. Well done, Jayashree.
    Don't stop keying in your insights and perspectives. They make for lovely reading.
    Take care. And be super safe. :-)

  15. Challenges like these are the best way to use time at home in these difficult times! Zoos are my favourite too!

  16. "Tapir" never heard about... looks like some creature from history (btw, thanks for that pic of Tapir)...
    congrats on finish and should say your wand never fails... good one.

  17. I love the zoo scene from Harry Potter and how poor Harry can relate to the python.
    I've seen tapir a few times before at a local wildlife park. They are so odd looking. I remember seeing baby tapir on TV and they are so cute and stripy.

  18. Agree to that. Don't like to see animals confined in cages. The condition of the animals in Indian Zoos are pretty bad. A case in point is the Rani Baug of Bombay. (sorry when I left that place it was Bombay, and when I came here it was Poona. They changed everything so much that I find it difficult even to pronounce my home town Aleppuzha)

  19. Yep.
    I immediately knew that was a tapir:
    long snout, med size, strong build.
    But that's not all I do on d'internet:
    ☆ ☆
    Wanna join this
    sinfull mortal
    Upstairs, dear?