Monday, April 23, 2018

U for umbrella

A standard part of my kids ' colouring books are umbrellas. It's fun coloring them too as they , like balloons, do not have any color restrictions. You can be as imaginative as you can.

Being able to carry their umbrellas on their own is like a huge achievement for the little ones. 

I have been amused by a scene where a father son duo keep their umbrella upside down in the rain , let it fill with water and use it as a lake for their paper boats while they get drenched in the pouring showers . I am not sure where I saw it, on TV in a commercial perhaps!

In Singapore since it can rain throughout the year an umbrella is a very common accessory men and women carry .

I do hate those times when your umbrella meekly pays obeissance to the strong wind, flips over and  drags you along . Lesson : Having an umbrella in the rain is sense, if the wins is so strong staying put at home is more sense !


  1. I now temporarily live in Seattle until July. Average rainy days are 152 in a year here. But looks like it rains every day. But local people go out with a hood on their head. If you carry an umbrella, you are a tourist.

  2. Playing in the rain is such fun ... never turned my umbrella into a lake though. Umbrellas, though mundane object, evoke a sense of romance. They are used in children's stories a lots as well - The Blue Umbrella comes to mind.

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  3. Coincidentally, I have too blogged on umbrellas for U. You can read all my thoughts about it there. :-)

  4. Kids do love umbrellas. They are so magical and enchanting to them.