Friday, April 6, 2018

F for Flowers

What things are colourful around us ? Flowers would top the list.

How many colours and shades and hues they come in. A vase filled with a bunch of beautiful flowers can add so much life to any living room.

To us South Indians the white Jasmine flower with its heavenly smell is an integral part of our culture.

During my last trip to India I was amazed to see some of the women officers at the immigration counters in Chennai International airport.

They knew perfectly well to display a total business like aura in their neatly starched and crisply ironed cotton sarees and the jasmine flowers adorning their hair.

Flower garlands are also an important part of our daily lives. We use them to worship our deities. We use them to honour people. At weddings our brides and grooms exchange garlands.We use them during auspicious occasions. We use them to pay respects to the departed too.

In fact we even place flower garlands on our newly purchased motorbikes and cars after offering prayers of safety .

Little girls dressed in colourful silk skirts , a bindion their forehead and some Jasmine flowers on their tiny heads are a cute sight at any temple .

  • We love our flowers. We enjoy life through our flowers .


  1. Jaish,

    I think flowers of all cultures appreciate can appreciate the beauty and fragrance which they bring to one's life. Each spring, we like to take a drive through one of our city's oldest subdivision because of the beautiful lawns and gardens speckled with colorful blooms and flowering trees. It always makes me so happy to see such displays as all troubles seem to melt away while enjoying thew view passing by. Sometimes, we'll pull over so I can take a few pictures. I hope we can do this, this weekend as I think the Dogwoods are beginning to show their glory. Happy A2Zing!

    Curious as a Cathy
    A2Z Creating iPad Art Sketches ‘Fairy’

  2. Flowers are one of those things with global appeal.
    I like sunflower quite a bit.

  3. Lovely post. Flowers have such meaning in so many cultures. And they are such an inexpensive way to brighten a day.

  4. Glad you mentioned Jasmine flower. Reminds me of Vani Jayaram's very first Tamil song. மல்லிகை என் மன்னன் மயங்கும் பொன்னான மலரல்லவோ'(

  5. ...and jasmine is such a beautiful scent. I agree as does my garden.