Thursday, April 19, 2018

Q for quilling and quilting

Quilling is an art that has gained a lot of popularity of late . It involves rolling and pasting coloured paper to create beautiful designs . I think it's an activity that we can get kids involved in. It will boost their creativity , increase their attention span and above all it sounds like pure fun.

It does require some patience though .

Quilting is sewing together multiple layers of fabric in beautiful patterns to make quilts . I read in a book recently about people pursuing it as a hobby. If I remember correctly in last year's April A to Z challenge there was a blogger who shared her quilt work .

I never learnt to knit though I am quite fascinated by the way a yarn of wool can transform into beautiful sweaters and scarves .

Then there is good old sketching and painting of course . I like to draw sometimes though I don't do it often. A blank paper with some colour pencils fills me with a lot of excitement . It's a beautiful feeling.

Art can be therapeutic. It's a tool which helps you focus on something completely and in the process helps relieve a lot of stress that's bottled up inside.

Is there any art that you indulge in ?


  1. I can neither quill nor quilt. So I quit.

  2. Quilling is super impressive to me. I have a friend who sells her quilling artwork (as jewelry mostly). Art is something that I feel I have to do because the ideas will flow regardless of me engaging them and I feel like my head will overflow. Writing is my art but I have also created music remixes, edited video, designed lights for theater, and drawn poorly.

  3. I could not figure out what quilling was so I looked it up. It was obvious what it was once I saw a photo. I just did not realize what it was called. My mom has quilted but once she made the ones she wanted to make, she returned to cross-stitch and sewing barbie doll clothes.

    I am working on becoming more artistic. Been blogging regularly for just over a year. This year I have taken drawing and watercolor painting classes. Next week, I begin a photography class online.

    Emily In Ecuador