Tuesday, April 3, 2018

D for Dusky D for Denim

D for dusky:

The word dusky reminds me of renowned Tamil film director Balu Mahendra . I remember him mentioning in an interview that he thought dusky women were beautiful. In fact most of his heroines were dusky and would wear minimal make up. True to his word they were beautiful indeed.

These days social media is fighting the craze people have over fair skin and the whole lot of fairness products in the market that are actually supposed to have harmful effects . Still I find most beauty products glorifying their whitening effects.

Every complexion is beautiful in its own way. Yet sadly we humans tend to build beliefs and prejudices based on this outer layer. End of the day what would remain of all of us is the skeletal structure beneath right ?

I read in a novel about a possible future where the fashion would be to dye ones skin similar to dye ing ones hair. Imagine ! People with red yellow, green and purple skins. It would be a zoo out here .

But that would possibly be a solution to the many news articles we hear related to the colour of ones skin.

We are all beautiful. In our own selves. In our differences.

D for Denim:

D also reminds me of denim. Had thought of a short flash fiction

He stared at his worn out jeans . The slit they had made together on a warm Saturday afternoon now revealed his prosthetic leg. When it came, she left him. 
She sat on the temple steps clutching  a piece of denim fabric and praying " Give him the courage.Make him walk. This is my penance. I am not seeing him till then "

This post was written as part of the A to Z April blogging challenge.


  1. Wow. One profound, the other beautiful! Strange are the ways of life.

  2. Good one. Karupputhan enakku pudicha kalaru.

  3. Dusky is a good word for D for the A to Z Challenge. There is such an obsession with light skin in Indian culture and people with darker skin face so many prejudices.

  4. I love the colors that make people who they are. I wish I was dark because the equator sun is unforgiving. We are more the same than different (it all starts and ends with the heart.)

  5. Fair or dusky, one must be natural. As you rightly pointed out, the extents to which people go "to look beautiful" is crazy!
    A nice topic you chose for D :-)

  6. Keep this goin please, great job!

  7. I did not know about Tamil film director film director Balu Mahendra, working with mostly dusky heroines with minimal make-up. In south Indian movies, (pardon me I did not know if I saw Tamil or Telegu, since I have watched dubbed versions) women do wear minimal make-up mostly and they look so beautiful. I wrote a post long time back about the same titled "Not so fair era".
    It would be interesting to see multi-colored complexions in vogue and probably skin bias will reduce with it too.
    Loved the fiction you wrote in the end.