Wednesday, April 11, 2018

K for kaleidoscope

When one looks through a kaleidoscope we come across beautiful patterns . Rotate and they change. Rotate and they change again.

Situations in life are similar aren't they ? We need to look at them from different angles and we get different opinions, different views ! They may contradict , they may collide but each would have it's own history , it's own reasoning , it's own justification. End of the day that's what makes life beautiful.

A kid would sometimes get more joy peering through a kaleidoscope than from the costliest toys or clothes. At that one moment all that matters to him is the beautiful world this simple instrument takes him into. That is one age when we learn to get simple joys from the smallest of things.  And then unfortunately we grow up.

In today's world of virtual reality we have videos spinning around us when we fit a machine to our heads, and machines that can read our minds! 

No matter how far we go we must never forget that there are simple joys in life . Sometimes all you need is a beautiful array of colours that smiles back at you from inside a kaleidoscope.


  1. Simple joys in life are extraordinary, like play with kids or play like kids.

  2. Kaleidoscope rings a bell. The blog I had when I was in my previous organisation was called by that name.

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