Sunday, April 1, 2018

A - Amber and Azure

I first came across the word Amber in a class 5 English lesson on a beautiful poem written by Sarojini Naidu.

It's called In The Bazaars Of Hyderabad.

I did not remember much about the poem but when I started reading it on Wikipedia the words started popping in my head quite effortlessly. The human brain is amazing.

This poem beautifully describes the vibrant colours and atmosphere of the markets of Hyderabad almost a century ago. In fact I just realized it holds the word azure too.

Amber is a material used in jewellery and for decorative purposes and is actually supposed to come in various shades . The color Amber is somewhere between gold and yellow. It is the colour that starts blinking at us from a traffic light just before red . Our body also sometimes throws warning signals at us, right? When we have to stop and take a break ? When we know we have been pushing ourselves really hard and need to take a deep breath and just RELAX.

Azure today is an important software in cloud technology . But it is the color of the sky when there is no cloud . Clear bright beautiful and stretching away onto eternity .

A clear blue sky is a beautiful sight to behold and realize just how teeny weeny we are in the vast expanse of the universe . In today's concrete jungles azure is more evident on the walls inside some of the apartments . But when we lie down on a green stretch of grass and look up at the beautiful blue of a cloudless sky , what fills our beings cannot be easily described in words .


  1. Interesting. When someone says Amber, the first thing comes to my mind is the Amber Bar and Restaurant in Kolkatta. My favorite.

  2. Amber reminds me of Jurassic Park, where they retrieve dino DNA from mosquito blood trapped in amber! Azure is such a beautiful colour too! Lovely seeing you do A-Z on colours! I am curious on what you're doing for K, Q, Z etc :) Gonna be back!

    B: For the Love of Books

  3. What I remember is, my English teacher telling us that at the traffic junctions, the light between green and red is better described as "amber", and not "yellow".

    By the way, it was on seeing an earlier post of yours that I decided to register for the A2Z Challenge -- the first time ever I was entering a series like that. Thank you, Jaish.