Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I for Indigo

As a kid I remember mugging up and repeating the colours of the rainbow and using the abbreviation VIBGYOR to remember them right .

But for a long time I was not sure what exactly indigo was. To quote from Wikipedia 'Indigo was actually a plant that got its name because it came from the Indus Valley Civilisation, discovered some 5,000 years ago, where it was called nila, meaning dark blue'

I have read articles that to cover gray hair one can mix indigo powder with henna. The result is a shade closer to black compared to the usual brownish red that henna gives.

A Google search today gives a whole lot of links related to the low cost airline Indigo . I have travelled on their flight. Somehow I like the concept of low cost airlines...pay for what you use .... Thanks to this concept travelling has become a lot more affordable for many families today especially international travel.


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    According to scholars, people of Indus spoke a Dravidian language like Tamil. As you know, in Tamil, neelam means blue.

  2. When I saw the title, it was the airline that came to my mind, not the colour. Interesting bits of information about the colour.