Sunday, April 22, 2018

S for Saffron

Today there is a lot of realizations and social media preaching about the harmful effects of artificial food coloring .

There are some natural food colours that add not just vibrance but also nice aroma s to our food .

Saffron an expensive spice, that comes from the flowers of a plant known by the same name , adds a beautiful orange or yellow shade to food . It's mostly used in sweet dishes or in rice while making biryani .

In Tamilnadu there is a belief that drinking saffron flavoured milk during pregnancy results in babies with fairer skin .

Saffron is expensive because every flower has only three threads of the spice and hence it's a lot of work .

Another food colour generously used in indian cooking is turmeric that's supposed to have medicinal properties as well.

What natural food colours do you use ?

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  1. When I read your blog post “S” for Saffron, I was thinking you might write about turmeric for “T”. Turmeric is considered poor people’s saffron. We use Kesarai powder for making sweets at home. It is nothing but a orange coloring powder. Saffron is also prescribed by doctors for treating depression.