Monday, April 2, 2018

B Black and Blue

Black and Blue. These two colours would remind us of a lot of things.

To begin with being beaten black and blue. There are so many things that are black and blue and beautiful yet thats what first came to my mind.

Another thing I get reminded of now is the fountain pen or ink pens that we used back in school. As students the colours we mainly used were black or blue . Filling ink in the pens was an important activity of our school days. I still remember the total fascination I had felt when I saw my kindergarten teacher fill ink in her pen for the first time .

There were pens where we had to fill the ink using an ink filler . Then there were the hero pens that had an in built filler . A Hero pen seldom leaked and it was a beautiful unique design in itself .

For our boards we had to highlight the key words in our answers and the teachers would advice " if you use black ink, underline with blue sketch. If you use blue ink underline with purple " . We meticulously followed this coloring mechanism.

Then there were those days when we forgot to fill ink in our pens and as we wrote the words would trail away into nothingness.

On the last day of school after the exams were over some students would spray ink from their pens on the backs of their peers' shirts in a fit of jubilation. Some schools had strict rules against this with the teachers in charge monitoring their students using eagle eyes and ready to take disciplinary action if necessary !

Aah ! Those were the days !


  1. Reminds me of a novel written by Anna Quindlen titled Black and Blue.

  2. Oh boy, Jaish! You certainly managed to trigger nostalgia with this one! Loved the Hero pens! So beautiful they looked and wrote with those tiny nibs. Aah, I wonder if you still get those!

    B: For the Love of Books

    1. Hey Deepa so nice to see you here again ...i think you still get them in india

  3. Ah, the nostalgia!

    For me, black and blue reminds me of my first ever football jersey. I think I used to support the Argentinian football team then.

    Do drop by mine.


  4. During my school days, when I used fountain pens, there used be a variety of blue-black ink that was common. This was besides the normal blue and normal black versions. It had a slightly darker shade than blue, but not as dark as black.