Wednesday, April 11, 2018

J for Jade

My father visited China when I was around 10 years old. He got me a beaded jade necklace. That was the first time i was introduced to this ornamental stone and it's unique colour and subtle shine.

Jade is supposed to come in many colours but typically it's a shade of green.

It's called an oriental gem as it's use was predominantly in China and other South East Asian countries.

Jade is supposed to be one of the two minerals nephrite or jadeite scientifically.

Here in Singapore I have seen many jewellery stores selling exquisite pieces in Jade and also people wearing jade pendants and bracelets .

Jade is believed to bring good things to the wearer like we have beliefs related to other gemstones in India . Many people wear it for that reason. A Google search gave the following statement 'The Chinese believed that since jade objects lasted so long, they were linked to immortality. They believe jade to also bringgood luck, benevolence, purity, and enhancedintelligence.'

We have restaurants here with jade in their names . I love the subtle elegant radiance of this ornamental stone. It does not shine much yet is beautiful!


  1. Jade has always been one of my favorite jewels, although I'm not even sure why. This is a cool story. :)
    Visiting from the A to Z Challenge

  2. Jade is a popular first name for a lot of American girls.

  3. Gems and stones, I am totally ignorant about them :-)