Thursday, April 12, 2018

L for Lipstick

The other day when I went shopping, I saw a man who looked like in his early twenties at a cosmetic store . He was crouched near the bottom most shelf of the lipstick section.

I was amused seeing the different streaks he had made on his arm using various shades of lipstick and then proceeded to do so with another one. He opened the lid very carefully, and made a neat line with utmost care and precision next to the ones already etched there.

Then I realized that he was on a WhatsApp video call and was showing it to someone at the other end, probably his girlfriend. That person was seeing the shades and deciding which one to purchase. There seemed to be a very urgent lipstick crisis !

I smiled and walked on. 

Lipsticks are usually in shades of  pink, brown , red . Of course I have seen almost black shades in movies too.

One cosmetic item that really fascinates little girls is this one. I remember a school competition where my friends and I participated . We were around 10 years od age if I remember correctly. There was this main dance on the show and we were singing for them at the backstage .Not the main song , a final number as a note of thanks  In other words our role was something added on to feed our "I am also participating" ego and was an absolutely unnecessary and irrelevant component   We could have been in our own selves in our school uniforms. But then we had to wear lipstick , otherwise our show would have been incomplete !  We spent almost half an hour in front of the mirror applying the lipstick while the main dancers had already lined up near the stage!

At weddings, the little girls will be after their older cousins and aunts to add a dose of color to their faces . I remember running after my cousins and also the little girls that ran after me in search of make up.

During my cousins wedding I was around 15 and in an attempt to do my own make up I had plastered a layer of white on my wheat skinned face and added a liberal dose of a horrifying brown to my lips. My mother's " your make up us a little gaudy" fell on deaf ears. Someone please destroy those photos ! Ha ha 

I remember the hue and cry netizens had made when Aishwarya Rai decided to sport a purple lipshade at Cannes film festival.

Do you have any mis-make-up stories to share ?

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  1. Sorry I don't have a make up story. (Hahaha though I am coming from San Francisco.) But I have a different story. I went alone to India on company business. I was shopping for a silk saree for my wife in Kxxxxxx Silks in Chennai. I had about 5 different sarees. I was showing that to my wife in California on cam thru my cell phone. The sales people had no idea what I was doing and to whom I was talking to.

  2. Strangely, I have developed love for lipsticks after I started working. As children, we were kept away from lipsticks by saying that our lips may become blackish.

  3. I used to take part in dancing programs when I was in school and used to love the idea of lipstick. And like you, I too had similar incident when I was around 16, doing my own thing after growing up with the brightest shade of lipstick hahahaha thankfully I dont have any pic of that.

  4. When I was very young and in the company my elder cousin sisters, lipstick was one of the two things that I was quite curious about. The other was nail polish, which they all referred to as Cutex. Unable to resist the urge to imitate, once I applied both of them, evoking lots of laughter among the sisters. No one told me these are usually only for girls. But I got the hint.

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