Wednesday, April 4, 2018

E for Emerald Green

The museum was unusually crowded. In a city with a lot of palaces and forts to visit , it was one of the last preferred places by tourists . Today a couple of schools had brought the children for an excursion.

The usual silence was missing and a cacophony of the voices of eight and ten year olds filled the entire hall. In between, one could hear the "Shhh" coming from the teachers.

Ramu was in deep slumber in his usual corner , and he woke up with extreme annoyance.He hated such days. A grumbling stomach made him realize that it was time to grab a bite.

Teacher Sushila was behind the children, fully alert to make sure they did not touch anything. She moved forward , her eyes fixed on her students. She felt a faint glow on her cheek and slightly turned to cast a momentary glance at the exhibit on her left. The crown was from the 12th century and exquisitely crafted. The emerald at the center was huge . "It's a beautiful green" she thought. Suddenly she gave a gasp. She thought she had seen something. Something that she thought looked like an eye . She blinked and looked again. " I must be imagining things" she smiled to herself and moved on.

Ramu stretched his arms as he made his way out. He was thinking of what to eat and the anticipation made him shiver in excitement.

Susheela followed the children out. No one noticed the shade her eyes had taken for a momentary second before returning to their normal shade of brown. Green ! Emerald green !

Raja Ramsingh was stepping out after 200 years . It was time to devour. He chuckled with glee. Every time he did that , the eyes of his prey turned a shade of green. Emerald green !

This post was written as part of the annual A to Z April blogging challenge


  1. Beautiful story. Is he the Maharaja of Bundi?

  2. Wow Jai.... Mind blowing...

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  3. Wow - what a fabulous imagination you have. That was some story.

  4. Great story - and it reminded me of some of the Mummy type movies where people get taken over.

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    E for Enjoy Life Today

  5. Oh my! Love this! Please continue this story!

  6. Oh oh. It took me a while to understand Ramu was the Maharaja. Beautifully written.

  7. Such a simple, nice story. Enjoyed. :-)

  8. Great story, the start of a good horror or ghost story. Well done.

  9. Nice story, took me a while to figure out that the raja was actually Ramu.

    E for Easter